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Below are some of the articles I've written on law and technology. All errors and omissions in these pieces are mine, though I will try to blame my editors, parents, and, of course, technology consultants for leading me astray.

If you like this site and would like to suggest topics for future pieces, please e-mail me at wendytech@gmail.com. If you dislike the site and wish to rant and rave, please sign onto any legal academia e-mail discussion list and just type away. You'll fit right in.

Your Online Image: Where's the Client? (10/25/04)

Password Paradox (09/21/04)

Editing Tips from the Pros (09/20/04)

Getting Paid: Is There a Light at the Bottom of the Stack of Bills? (05/18/04)

Miles to Go Before We Sleep (03/13/04)

Can We Get the Romance Back? (11/26/03)

Turning the Courts into Public Servants (09/09/03)

As I Was Saying -- E-Mail and Privilege (05/19/03)

Dealing with the Press (02/06/03)

Legal Technology Trends for Attorneys in 2003 (12/07/02)

Digital Discovery Starts to Work (11/04/02)

Worried About War and Microsoft (10/07/02)

Examining Our Online Selves (09/27/02)

The Pro Bono Prison (09/01/02)

Today's Headache Is Tomorrow's Practice Area (07/29/02)

A Comment on Israel, Amnesty International, and The Guardian (July 2002)

Back to the Future: Virtual Immersive Technology in
Courtroom 21 (05/07/02)

Knowledge Management in the Law Firm (03/04/02)

Crisis Communications (03/04/02)

Open Secrets on the Web: Public Records, Private Info
(ABA Law Practice Management magazine, March 2002)

Electronic Filing: Is There Gold in Them Thar Courts? (02/12/02)

Upgrading the Firing Process (01/16/02)

The Wired World of Marketing Legal Services: There's a New Standard in Netting, Knowing and Keeping Clients (01/16/02)

Making Money From the Web (LexisOne, January 2002)

Using Tech Tools to Serve the Underserved (LexisOne, December 2001)

Thinking About Law Firm Security After September 11th (11/19/01)

Can't We All Just Get Along? Ancillary Businesses Growing, with or without Ethics Rules (11/09/01)

Building a Legal Web Community (ABA Law Practice Management magazine, September 2001)

Who Owns the Law? And Why Won't They Publish It on the Internet? (ABA Law Practice Management magazine, July/August 2001)

Tasini: A First Step in the Right Direction (08/21/01)

Fifteen-Year-Old Gives Legal Advice on the Web (07/23/01)

My Kingdom for an Effective Internet Policy (06/01/01)

Old Trademark Issues Require New Tactics (ABA Law Practice Management magazine, April 2001)

Roads Diverge in Knowledge Management: A Tale of Two Law Firms (04/02/01)

ABA TechShow: At the Gates of the Emerald City (04/02/01)

How and Why to Market Your Web Site (02/19/01)

Plugging in Pro Bono (ABA Law Practice Management magazine, January/February 2001)

Memo to Rehnquist: No Raise for You (01/22/01)

New Year's Resolution for Trademark Lawyers: Get a Life (01/08/01)

'Scuzzi--Parla Internet? (01/02/01)

An Exploration of How the Internet Has Affected the Legal Profession (January 2001)

Are Law Firms the Best Places to Work? Yes, Says Fortune (12/27/00)

Free Speech Week on the 'Net: First Internet Libel Case Victory, and Triumph for "Wal-Mart Sucks" Site (12/18/00)

Law Firm Marketers Grapple with E-Marketing (12/11/00)

A Legal Tech Track in Law School? Don't Hold Your Breath (12/05/00)

E-Signatures: Where's the Beef? (11/14/00)

Experts Gather 'Round the Roundtable (11/06/00)

Keep Existing Business with A Client-Driven Culture (10/24/00)

October Legislative Update (10/06/00)

Entrepreneur in Residence? That's Al Gidari of Perkins Coie (10/05/00)

Privacy Products Proliferate (10/04/00)

Meet Sally Gonzalez, Akin Gump’s New CKO. (New What?) (09/11/00)

The Path from Law Partner to Web Pioneer: A Profile of Mike Curreri, Attorney and Entrepreneur (08/29/00)

First Tuesday: Summer Night, Summer Dreams--Say, Does Anyone Need a Lawyer? (08/04/00)

The US Supreme Court Site: Better Never than This Late and This Bad (06/12/00)

The Martindale Mutiny: Sidley Throws the Directory Overboard (05/23/00)

The ABA TechShow: Here Comes the New Show, Same As the Old Show (04/24/00)

The Evolution of Legal Web Sites: From Graphics-Heavy to Savvy (04/04/00)

Laptop Lapses and Security Risks (posted 03/31/00)

Plugged-In Family Firms (posted 03/31/00)

Policies Set the Tone--and Just May Save a Firm from Litigation (posted 03/31/00)

What You Won't See On a Web Site: Or, Are Court Documents Really Public? (posted 03/31/00)

Cyberspace Is Reshaping Free Speech (posted 03/30/00)

Is Every Web Store a Lawbreaker? (posted 03/30/00)

Personal Privacy and High Tech: Little Brothers Are Watching You (posted 03/30/00)

Turning Users On to Technology: Hurdles of Law Tech Evangelists (posted 03/30/00)

'Can We Talk?' E-Mail Is Ethics Maze (posted 03/29/00)

Lawyers and Technology: Tech Goes Litigation Lite (posted 03/29/00)

Rules for the E-Road (posted 03/29/00)

Selling Technology to Attorneys (posted 03/29/00)

The Human Factor, Or Upgrading Attorneys: Tech Challenges Work Habits (posted 03/28/00)

Spilling Your Cookies on the 'Net: A Big, Silly Food Fight on Privacy (posted 03/28/00)

Teaming Up with Tech (posted 03/28/00)

Client Conflict Software: No Panacea (posted 03/27/00)

Hey, You! Speak Up--Clearly--If You Want to Talk to Computers (posted 03/27/00)

Laws on E-Sigs Inked (posted 03/27/00)

Reaping Business From Web Sites Is Time-Consuming, but Possible (posted 03/27/00)

E-Evidence Demands New Expert (posted 03/21/00)

Lawyers and Technology: None of Your Business (posted 03/21/00)

Legal Ethics in an Electronic Age: Where No One Has Gone Before? (posted 03/21/00)

Taxman Has Interest in Internet Biz (posted 03/21/00)

The Future of Web Filtering (posted 03/20/00)

High Tech Is Reshaping Legal Basics (posted 03/20/00)

The Sound of One Computer Copy (posted 03/20/00)

Logging in with Marc Rotenberg - Activist Warns Against Online Threats to Personal Privacy (Chronicle of Higher Education, 03/01/00)

Not Snow, Nor Sleet, Nor Gadget Boom Will Kill the Billable Hour (posted 02/22/00)

As E-Mail Boxes Overflow, Employment Issues Proliferate (posted 02/22/00)

The E-Future of Filings (posted 02/22/00)

E-Mail Policy on Trial (posted 02/22/00)

Pro Bono Hits the Net (posted 02/22/00)

The Quest for Privacy (posted 02/22/00)

Web Transcripts on Trial (posted 02/22/00)

Communication in the E-Mail Era: Deciphering the Risks and Fears (posted 02/07/00)

Lawyers and Technology: An Allure of Anonymity (posted 02/07/00)

Lawyers Find Niches on the 'Net (posted 02/07/00)

Attorneys, Clients Face Encryption Decision for E-Mail Communications (02/01/00)

E-Mail Law Expands (posted 01/21/00)

Home Offices Heat Up (posted 01/21/00)

Law Professors Told to Expect Competition from Virtual Learning (Chronicle of Higher Education, 01/21/00)

Pro Bono, High Tech: Not-for-Profit Sector Needs to Get Wired Soon (posted 01/21/00)

Technology and Billing Dilemmas: How Do You Bill for Extranets? (posted 01/16/00)

Tackling Tech Training (written 11/15/99)

Web Sites Offer Reviews of Professors, for Better or Worse (Chronicle of Higher Education, 09/29/99)

Linking to Lawsuits (08/16/99)

Blazing New Tech Trails (07/26/99)

Fighting Cyber-Libel War (07/19/99)

Borders in Net Space (06/14/99)

Patents and E-Business (06/14/99)

Paperless Practice? Ha! (06/07/99)

Rewiring Refugee Relief (05/24/99)

E-Mail Ethics Evolving (05/17/99)

Law Spanks Spammers (03/15/99)

Internet Jurisprudence (01/25/99)

E-Mail Abuses Abound (01/11/99)

October Deadline (10/12/98)

Intranet Questions Arise: If You Build It,What Do You Put On It? (07/20/98)

Domain Name Market Heats Up (03/23/98)

Electronic Court Filings: Three Steps Forward, Two Back (03/16/98)

You've Got Mail--From the Judge (Wired magazine, May 1997)

Intranet: A Lawyer's Personal Internet (11/18/96)


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